SONY Proforma Instant TV Cable Management System

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SONY Proforma Instant TV Cable Management System
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Anyone used one of these? Might jump on it…

'splain to me this “bonus” listing???
this is an additional 2 HDMI cables in the package, that are 3 feet long, rather than the 8 foot cables listed?
for a total of 4 HDMI outlets at the “box” at the end?
or is it a second cable cover with 2 3ft. HDMI cables?

2 - BONUS 3’ Flat High Speed HDMI 1.4 cables with Ethernet

I are confused … :frowning:

The “bonus” looks to be two standard HDMI cables, as seen on their site:

HOWEVER, to “expand” the kit from 2 to 4 HDMI inputs seems to require proprietary cables. And I do not see how or where you can order them…?

The manual can be found here: CMS12_MANUAL

Can anyone find the length of it? I don’t see any specifications.

Dimensions (Approx) Depth: 42.1
Dimensions (Approx) Height: 2.5
Dimensions (Approx) Width: 10.4
Weight (Approx.): 2.2

And the size MUST be wrong: 10.4 is shown as 104 at Amazon: 2.6 meters appears to be better than 26 cm!

that is like SOOOO deep, man

this thing would be awesome if I could run my RG6 cable through it.

What’s this thing got to do with SONY?

Appears to me that the 2 slots are for you to just run 2 of your own cables.

Found what appears to be an Infomercial on YouTube that shows the basics.

I’m intrigued with this idea, but not necessarily this implementation.

[MOD EDIT] Available for in-store pick-up only.

That’s the brand of this cable management gadget, either made or distributed by Sony.

All the CableConceal links and such make it more confusing, and indicate this is probably made by them and just distributed by Sony.

Love the idea, but this would not conceal my audio cables.
I would just use something like this. You probably have all the cables already, plus you can hid as may as you need not just 2 hdmis.

I have this in my bedroom and love it and how it took away my unsightly hanging cables from my mounted TV. I basically have it placed just above the baseboad molding. At the base are its power cord and two hdmi cables to connect to your components. The bonus two hdmi cables I assume are for you then to use at the top of it to connect to your TV. I didn’t paint it but you could paint the main run the same color as your wall if your walls aren’t white.

For twice the price (and a little drywall cutting + BYO cables)here is an alternate installation kit from a big box hardware store.

Ditto this oneI purchased last year and it was easy to install (and I’m not a handy DIY guy) but it’s $68 on Amazon.

Just a heads up, HDMI 1.4 does not support UHD (4K) resolutions @ 60Hz. You can still get cinema 24Hz, but TV, sports, and gaming will be motion blurred. HD (1080p) content will be fine with this accessory.

HDMI 2.0 is the current HDMI spec with full speed 4K capability (60Hz and higher).

When I ran cables through my wall, I ran into horizontal blocking half way between. (Tip: you can use a stud-finder to check for blocking.) As I had wallpaper that I didn’t want to damage, I unsuccessfully tried to drill through the block from the holes I had made two feet above and below (using drill extensions). I finally cut a hole on the rear side (which also had wallpaper, but I cared about it less), and covered the hole with a blank electrical cover.

Now, if I had a white drywall to work with, I could have cut a hole and patched it back up, but this cable connect system is a whole lot less work.

If you’ve got wallpaper on the wall, consider whether you’ve got some leftover wallpaper to wrap around this system so you don’t have a fat white line below your TV.