SONY Proforma Instant TV Cable Management System

I use one of these in my bedroom. It’s flimsy. the cover very lightly snaps into place over the flat wires…so lightly that the cover comes off a lot during installation.

You can use any flat HDMI cables you want; the thing has grooves that the fit into…but it comes with a few HDMI1.4 cables. If you want to use 4k-ready cables, you can use them as long as they’re flat.

NOTE: Installing it behind my TV was a pain, because my TV is mounted with a tilt-mount, so due to the angle the bottom of the tv is pretty close to the wall. Since this thing is thicker, deeper, and wider on top, I had to get a little creative to get it to fit behind the TV and look decent. All in all, more trouble than it was worth for me.

The pinout of HDMI 1.4 and 2.0 are the same, the only real difference in cables is how much loss there may be at the data rate used on the TDMS channels.

In fact, starting with HDMI 1.4, advertising a version number on cables was actually forbidden.

The upshot is that we can’t be certain that it won’t work for 4k@60Hz. [[Note the double negative, I didn’t make this product, and I’m not going to warrant that it works.]]

FWIW: Buying Guide

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@1:26 the guy did not have to disappear. Actually… he was very personable. I was almost convinced to buy two.

Warranty support is total garbage!

My parents bought one of these from Woot last August, and upon recent installation, we quickly discovered that one of the two flat internal HDMI cables is bad. Easy to test by swapping cables and then trying other devices.

Step 1 - Called the Sony phone number published in the manual that came in the box (866-850-8295). The person at Sony had trouble finding the model number, but eventually found it. He explained that Sony no longer supports this model number and referred me to another phone number (800-713-4022). This number was answered by some oil delivery company’s answering service!

Step 2 - Called back the original Sony number published in the manual (866-850-8295), where they again referred me to the same bad phone number. He did not believe me when I stated it was a trucking company answering service, so I had to insist that he call this phone number himself to verify that it goes to an oil trucking company. So then I was assigned a case number and told that I’d be called back in a few days.

Step 3 - Sony called back in a few days and was told that they are still investigating the issue and somebody from Proforma would call me within 24 hours. (Proforma never called)

Step 4 - Sony called a week later and left a message to call them back. Hold times are ridiculous so I went to the Internet.

Step 5 - Searched Sony website and the Sony search engine points this exact model number to a DEAD website at

Step 6 - Came back to this Woot offer and clicked on "Warranty: 1 Year Sony" link which goes to a PDF. Looking at this PDF, it refers to yet another DEAD website at: and the same Sony phone number (866-850-8295) where they claim they’re not the department that supports this model.

Step 7 - Went to website posted at the beginning of this Woot discussion, This 2013 website is still live but contains no warranty support, or contact information.

Step 8 - Clicked on the “user manual” link at the website and found a new phone number (1-626-939-4226) that only gives a very fast busy signal and appears to be dead.

So that’s where I’m stuck and not happy about Woot advertising a warranty that contains nothing but garbage contact information and runaround.

sparky672: I’m sorry for the frustration. Contact our customer service and give them the information above. They should help you out.

Their response is that they cannot help me for security reasons, this is not my account, etc. As already explained in the posting, I’m just helping my parents and already provided their email address to Woot support to no avail… sigh. I guess I’m not understanding Woot’s security concern as I am not requesting anything from another’s account…

I’m just looking for valid contact information so I can get Sony to honor this alleged warranty.

Let me talk with CS.

Thank you. I have not yet heard anything on this.

Don’t forget to check your Spam folder in your email as you wait to hear back. Sometimes our CS communications get tangled up there.

That is absolutely not the case here. I’ve heard nothing new about this since posting here.

Last message I have is that they were checking with the vendor. Let me ask for an update.

I received a response and they issued a full refund to my parents. THANK YOU for your help.

It’s really too bad I couldn’t just get a replacement HDMI cable for this unit…

This also means that the advertised warranty for this unit is virtually non-existent. Hopefully, not too many Wooters got bad units.

Yeah, I’ve let the electronics team know and reminded them again just now. Sorry for the frustration on this. :frowning: