Sony PS3 500GB Bundle & Console General

ummmmmmm… wow

You’re killing me!

Holy smokes… i had to read it 15 times for it to sink in and by then I missed it.

20s and gone… I couldn’t load the page that fast.

They all went to texas? I call shenanigans.

Same here, my rational mind told me this wasn’t really a 500G PS3 & shirt for $100

that threw me off…did like a quadruple take!

Somebody who just joined today got one, eh?

yea I too should have just bought instead of trying to read to see the catch. Looks like there were very few, wish I could have been a 20%er. :frowning:

2 of the 5 people who snagged this just joined today.

Yeah. All went to Texas and 2/5 went to people who joined today. I too call shenanigans. Insider info?

something smells here! I mean what are the odds of ALL 5 going to the same state??

Wait, where is Woot’s HQ again? lol

The sales stats have changed! Now they only sold 2? Time to get out the tin foil hats! Something sinister is afoot!

If the payment fell-through on those 3, woot, send me an email and I’ll take one off your hands. :slight_smile: