Sony PS3 Eye Camera & Controller Bundle

$7.99 at over at

$7.69 at Amazon

Neither one appears to have the controller included.

Good catch. I missed that. Those can be anywhere from $25-$50.

Is the controller a sixaxis or a dualshock or generic? Did I miss it?

The last picture shows a DualShock 3

You know that the two things are not made to be used together right? The Eye works with the move controllers and the Dual shock controller might be able to move, but it is not a move controller.

It is not meant to be used together for what you are trying to imply, this is sales - its a BUNDLE sold together to avoid paying HIGH RETAIL PRICES, versus buying here @ woot for an Amazing deal not found anywhere else…

I’d rather have seen a complete MOVE bundle than this crap.

I mean…there’s really no reason to put these two items together.

I could see a nice Eye Camera, 2 Move Controllers and the charging base in a bundle but this is just a total BS bundle.