Sony PS4 Slim 1TB Console - Only On Playstation Bundle

Sony PS4 Slim 1TB Console - Only On Playstation Bundle

This would be good but 2 of the 3 games are digital and those codes expired on March 31st. I’m kinda glad I bought a days of play slim PS4 bundle a few days ago for about the same price. I have a Pro already just needed one for my other tv.

Says in description codes expire 3/31/2021 not 2020.


Isnt this bundle 199 on black friday.

Yes…Best Buy had it for $199 for about a week or so leading up to black Friday. I picked one up for myself as it was a great deal just for the hardware at that price. I kind of wish I would have bought a 2nd one. The games included would be dirt cheap off any used shelf at a local store.

Although this is more expensive than Black Friday, (1) it ain’t Black Friday (2) it’s still a good price because the consoles are going for $20 less without the games. The new God of War game is great, and The Last of Us is one of my favorite games (perfect for the COVID-19 stuff going around).

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if i could find a similar deal with no games and two controllers, i would much rather have that.

Don’t buy a PS4, Don’t buy a PS4, Don’t buy a PS4…

Woot has PS4 sale

… damnit.


My internet is limited. Do I need good internet to play or download these games?

This is sold out now but I will note that replies seem slow. I would have liked to buy this but I’m not real tech savvy. I have commented on Jeep seat covers and a few other items and it’s been multiple days with no reply.

I may need to just step away from here.

Hi there. Both of those questions required personal knowledge of the product which i don’t have so I’m unable to answer your questions. I do answer when and where I can. In many cases, customers need to do some research.

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How “limited” is your Internet? Bandwidth caps? Most ISPs have removed them because of the COVID-19 thing. Speed? Okay, it may take a while to download but it will work. Constant disconnections and problems? Get that fixed first.

By the way, if you need to connect to hotel Wi-Fi where there is a log in, (1) connect to the Wi-Fi (2) do the network test [it will fail] (3) go to the online help on the previous screen (4) the login screen will appear! (5) after logging in, go back to network test and it will work.