Sony Pulse Elite Wireless Gaming Headset

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Sony Pulse Elite Wireless Gaming Headset
Price: $74.99
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Is this item compatible with Xbox One ?

no, additionally the design of the build is bad. You want a headset that doesn’t have areas where plastic can stress/take pressure, then crack. many people that own these end up with factures right between the band and the cup joint.
for this price, it’s not worth buying.

if you want quality, stick with this list for gaming headsets. the audio quality is mind blowing in comparison to sony or any you’d find at gamestop or other stores targeting consoles.

My son went through 3 turtle beach headsets ($89 ea.) in about 18 months with the same cracking problem. I bought him the Logitech G230 model that has a metal reinforced headband and he’s had them for a couple of years now and says they’re great. Plus they’re only 40 bucks! Also they work with any system ( with an inexpensive 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter cable for speech) and pc as well. Check em out.

Can I use this with my flat screen? My wife yells at me the TV is to loud, will this work?

Well if the tv is displaying something from a playstation, yeah. If not, no.