Sony Speaker System with Apple Dock

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Sony Speaker System with Apple Dock
$119.99 + $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $17 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Had one of these- no luck. Sony products seems so poorly made these days.

Docking Interface: Apple 30-pin connector
pshawwww… how 2011

Wow, that took two minutes. Y’all are slacking.

Anyone else tired of the garbage we’re seeing on woot nowadays?

So, now that we have the usual complaints out of the way, what about this item?

I have a Sony clock radio/iPhone dock. The sound isn’t that great, even with the bass boosted. This one likely sounds better, but in this segment, you have a lot of choices. Choose wisely.

Personally, I like Altec Lansing’s sound docks. Used to have them on Woot but that was a few years ago.

I have a similar sony speaker system (not exactly the same) and it’s wonderful, I tested ALL the speakers at Best Buy and the Sony had the best overall sound (that would pick up low and high tones in addition to the midtones that Bose throws at you in abundance) and the best volume.

It’s unclear though if this unit can take batteries or has its own rechargeable battery inside? Or does it always have to be plugged in as a power source?

Does anyone else realize that your ELECTRONIC DEVICE is going to be directly in front of MAGNETS?.. Screw Apple products anyway sticking with Android.

If you have trouble connecting this or any other 3rd-party device to your iPhone because of your 3rd-party case, CableJive makes a simple adapter that not only makes the connection but lets non-compatible devices charge the phone as well. I bought a different dock here at Woot and use the CableJive without any trouble. Where I used to take the case off and get the “this device can’t be charged” message, now everything works great. Amazon Linkage

Which will not affect it whatsoever.

Honestly, after using bluetooth speakers, the idea a docking station has very little appeal to me anymore.

Got a Bose Sounddock “refreshed” at the outlet store for $129 a few months ago. If you have such a store nearby, seems like a better deal.

Product page: 2 reviews

support page–manuals tab:

startup guide–no direct link to either guide’s pdf, but it will get the pdf

refernce guide:

video review:

Knowing Sony, I’m surprised there isn’t a built-in chip that searches your device for “shared” music and prevents it from playing.

My girlfriend bought this a few months back. We tried a bunch of different ones in best bu and the was by far the best. We are very pleased and use this all of the time. It does ask you if you want to download sonys app bu I ever have on my iPad ad t works wonderfully.

I would recommend ponying up and buying a Bose soundlink. It’s bluetooth compatible, has a long lasting rechargeable battery, and great sound.

I gave this sound dock a listen in the best buy and decided to go with teh Bose because Bose had by far a superior sound.

Longer Isn’t Always Better, thats the quote of the day

Over seven hours in and only 16 comments. Where have all the Wooters Wooted Off to? Bigger is not better in the case of Woot!

I have this model and it has a rechargable battery that last quite a while. I used it all summer by the pool.