Sony Speaker System with Apple Dock

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Sony Speaker System with Apple Dock
$119.99 + $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $17 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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is it just me or is the picture an iphone 5… i see 5 rows of apps?

My iPhone 3GS has 4 rows of Apps and the one row of locked apps as the bottom row. I think it’s a 4 or 4S.

wootplus discussion included this last month:

review: more pics

B&H $298, 4 good reviews

Sony support (don’t sell it now):

including reference guide

and startup guide and reference guide. Personally, links are the same?? but clicking on them at their page produces different manuals (don’t know why, but it worked)??

There’s more out there, but I need to go. Maybe later. Bye.

Does this with the new iPod that just came out?

What I should say is, does it work with the new iPod touch 5th Gen?

Not through the dock. This is a 30-pin dock. The iPod touch 5th gen uses the new Lightning doc.

Quick look: Quick Look at the Sony RDP-X500IP Speaker Dock - YouTube

Review: Sony Speaker Dock RDP-X500IP Review! - YouTube

The sound quality on this is REALLY good! If you turn it really loud on a track that has alot of bass (Dubstep) the unit will start to move around. But great sound!

You need to add $ony’s iBrick - only $49.95

Just want to let you folks at Woot know that your little joke in today’s email with regard to Hurricane Sandy is no laughing matter. It is in very poor taste and you should remove it. There has been loss of life and the devastation here on the east coast is horrendous!

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“On the GROUND?”

“Yes, helping the victims of Hurricane Sandy.”

“Oh no. I was talking about he victims of the Intergalactic Wars that I’ve reading about in this newspaper”

Very, very poor taste guys. I am contemplating posting these comments on face book. You have lost a fan here, and potentially many customers. You should retract and apologize.

So, not to wootjack this discussion, but since this is not for the iPhone 5, can anyone recommend a good quality iPhone 5 dock that allows you to use all the control features? The adapter they sell will not allow that with the older systems.

I got one of these last time around … It is well built and not junky. Stereo separation is better then most of these type units. However the thing is ALL mids…unless you have an I pod touch and download the equalizer app which works decently…still middy though. It gets plenty loud w/o distorting and the bass is plenty and felt because of the separate sub woofer. I compared it to the Altec octiv 650 and the recent Onkyo offering they had on here( I have all three…don’t ask). In all honesty the Altec sounds much better and is $20 bucks cheaper. Don’t think it is better built then the sony but it has way better highs and a subwoofer and buttons to control the bass/treble eq which the Sony doesn’t( unless you get the app). The stereo separation isn’t as good as the Sony however and distorts a bit when it gets way too loud but is still room filling loud. The Onkyo ionly sbx 300 was pretty darn good too although it doesn’t have a dedicated sub woofer it still sounded pretty darn good and looks to be a quality audio piece and built to last. Even w/o a subwoofer it easily holds it’s own against the other two in overall sound quality and I think sounds better than the Sony. So Final opinion is a wash… if you like mids get the sony otherwise shop around. The other two I have are very good alternatives. I tested them all side by side and do consider myself a bit of an audio snob.

the onkyo will probably boomerang around again on tech woot for under $100 again…

so this one does not work with the iPhone 5 … right?

I’ve heard that Apple sells some really cool adaptors (Samsung Galaxy S3 commercial).

I’ve seen some decent ones but they cost around $400. You might be best to purchase an adaptor for around $50 to allow it to play (lacking some fratures) on standard docks.

A previous answer says no.

Picked up one of these during the last offering. Long story short: maybe skip this one.

The sound is really kind of tinny and mediocre, even compared to other makers’ similarly-priced boxes. Very disappointing for a Sony product. Add a little ore cash and buy the next dock up in the Sony line.

What’s up Dock?