Sony Speaker System with Apple Dock

Not without some adapter, and I wonder if it will “perch” on the dock instead of being settled in firmly. Expect a LOT of “old style” units to go cheap real soon.
Thanks, Apple.

And I supposed there should be no benefit concerts because it’s not time for singing?

It was a Woot-style pitch for money aimed at Wooters who will respond.

OTOH, here is a letter to TIME Magazine I emailed as soon as I got my current issue:

"Thank you for quickly publishing the photos of the horrendous and heartbreaking damage caused by hurricane Sandy.

For those who cannot empathize, try this: Fill a dishpan with water, salt, cooking oil and used coffee grounds. Then splash it all over your living room floor, furniture , TV and keepsakes. Note how long it takes to clean up the mess from a gallon or so of messy water. Then imagine thousands of dishpans being emptied all over your house.

Please support charitable groups attempting to help with the cleanup."

I’ll put aside the fact that Sony is the devil.

I received this as a gift a while back, and when I used it with my iPhone 4S, it picked up and broadcasted weird signal chirps and interference. I wouldn’t recommend it for mobile device usage.

Oh yeah, and Sony is the devil.

Heh-heh. I avoid most Sony products that record, play of copy UNLESS they are the “pro” models for studio use. (This unit is not a problem here).

The problem IS that Sony wants to sell stuff to play, record and copy and yet also owns the legal rights to all kinds of music and movies. There is a solid wall of lawyers that get in the way of engineering to “prevent” the possibility of (their) content from being duped.

The results were crummy min-disc players that would not permit you to play your own music on your own home PC IF it was copied to the small portable Sony unit. That, and the scandal referenced above were the direct result of “lawyer-think” propelled by a frightened media industry.

They’ve been fretting about this since cassettes were invented.

I expected the prices of these to come down more than they have when the dock changed on the new iphone. I suppose lots of people still have the older versions, but I would think if they had wanted a dock they would have one by now.

thanks for confirming!

Don’t forget the “other stuff”. This was ocean water. Do you know what fish do in the ocean??.

got this little bad boy on the last woot, amazing sound. I added an apple airport for airplay, works wonder. Did i say the sound was amazing? pumping the volume brings some unbelievble bass and my 10" ceiling dinning room is filled with sound !