Sony Speaker System with Apple Dock



Did I just buy this & it won’t work with an Iphone 5 or an Ipad 2?


It has the 30-pin connector so an iPad 2 is no problem. The iPhone 5 will require an adapter.


I don’t normally approve of speaker docks, I’m a receiver and speakers kinda guy. However my roommate had one of these and they get surprisingly loud for the size. Also they all seem to come standard with the 3.5mm jack in the back so with a $2 audio cord they’ll plug into anything with a headphone jack. Really convenient for a bedroom or kitchen, but certainly not going to replace you’re entertainment center.


Darn it, I bought it a month ago from Woot for $15 more!


Sorry if it’s in the info and i missed it, but does this charge your ipod while docked?


Sony RDPX500IP Premium Speaker Dock - COMPARING PRICES

On Woot Today = $105.99 + $5 shipping
**Woot Price is over $140 lower than next best (found) price for an available unit

ebay = $285.00 + $17.95 shipping

Amazon (Adorama) = $258.21 + unspecifid shipping

B&H = $298.00 + ships free

In addition to above, advertises at $129.00 but are sold out with none available I ignore advertised prices for comparison pricing) when there is no product available*

The above dealers and prices were found using a random ‘Google’ search and is a ‘good faith’ effort to find and compare average prices for comparisons on the web. Your own specific search may find differing and/or lower prices.



“The RDP-X500IP flexible dock enables power supply, battery charging”


** Review and Demo** Review,2817,2395448,00.asp

You Tube Video (Demo)


I bought one of these about a month ago for about 135 and it took about one week till I got it. When I plugged this baby in :smiley::smiley::smiley:it made my day !!!
Not only is the music loud it has a really nice bass to it and on top of that it charges my phone !!!
I really do recommend this too all the people that like to listen to music it has a fresh crisp sound that will make your ears pop … I promise and for the price Go For It ???


Appreciate the price comparisons, but you gotta lose that disclaimer at the bottom or change it to something like: “These are the best damn prices anywhere on the interweb and I challenge you to find anything better!!!”

other than that, good job on the info!


this is a stupid question, but i bought an ipod 160 gb 4 months ago. I don’t know what generation it is…how do i find out. it is not a video ipod


These ads always talk about how loud the speakers can get, but I want something for my office at work, mostly jazz, so I need decent bass and highs at very low volumes.

Any feedback from current owners? Thanks!


If only it had bluetooth…


I bought one of these last time. Overall I thought it was just ok. If you have an ipod touch and download the app it helps greatly because it gives you an eq that you can adjust otherwise you are just stuck as to how it is set with just treble /bass adj. The bass is great on it and it does do a very good job of stereo separation for these types of units. It will also go loud but for me it lacked highs and was very mid heavy. I also bought the Onkyo unit that has been on here and it was much better IMO. For the price you are not getting ripped off as it is well built but there are better alternatives if you’re sonicly picky. For most however it will do just not for me.

like this:

I have one and it is pretty sweet too…and it has a subwoofer.

too bad you missed out this…maybe it will roll around again?

hope I’ve helped.


recently bot sony headsets on woot for wiffy to use in the yard
will these work wireless headset to give her both sound at speaker and through headset


no it is not a wifi device it is a dock


It will work no prob…but an ipod touch or iphone works a bit better because you can download an app that lets have an eq for the speaker.


Thanks! Hope u get a QP for that!


do not need wi fi just a hook up for transmitter to head phones
transmitter appears to have headset jack and speaker type hook up