Sony STAMINA PLUS Alkaline Batteries

Are they compatible with a Mac?

Been using these in kids toys and game controllers for a while now, they actually have pretty good life to them.

Seriously, hospitals should give you a giant box of AA batteries when you have a baby instead of those crappy blankets, because that’s what you’re going to really need. Every person you know is going to give you a baby blanket, but nobody EVER gives you batteries.

Preach on, Lotus! I’ve felt the same way and have been giving some family members & close friends (especially ones with kids!) batteries as gifts for past few years. Not gonna lie, I’ve sensed the “Thanks for the tie” look once or twice, but guess what they mention about 6 months later? Yep…how great it was to have all those batteries! These Sony batteries have been our most recent gift brand of choice this year since we noticed on Woot, and everyone seems very pleased with the brand & quality!

Hope I can use them all in 10 years…

Just ran out of these a few weeks ago. I’m glad I waited until today and get free shipping! Now if only I can snag a BOC the day will be a complete success.

Do these have free shipping, too? I bought 2 and was charged shipping.

for all three BOC attempts with these batteries in my cart there was a shipping charge, now that they are all gone and I emptied my cart and re-added the batteries the shipping is free (Coupon FREESHIP is added at checkout screen).

best if used by 2020 - so you only have 5.4 years

Please, does it come in a pack of 4, 2 or singles


All the AA & AAA options are Best if Used by 2024 (not 2020). You’re probably zooming in on the image and seeing 2020 on some of the batteries in the pics, but that’s just 'cause Woot can’t update the image every time a new batch with even fresher dating goes online. As listed in the Features section, all the AA & AAA are indeed Best if Used by 2024…so you truly do have up to 10 years to use. Although most of us with kids will of course burn through in a few months or so!

Vanilla Duracell batteries spank these in terms of power duration. Here’s one set of reviews:

That said, the $/amp-hour might be good. It depends on the application.

Yeah…we’ve always had good success with the performance of Duracell as well, but for way more money spent. You can always spend top dollar and get Duracell, but we’ve been paying far less for these and still been very pleased! For our busy household, the performance per dollar you get here is a no brainer!

Just got 2 boxes of the 9V ones today, and they are both use by 9/2020.

Question - if you ordered these along with other items, did they ship separately? My order contained the two boxes of batteries, plus a golf glove and a cast iron handle mitt. Got the batteries via FedEx, not so much the other items. Tracking number now kicks to USPS, so is it possible they split them into two shipments due to weight?

Yes, those items ship from different locations.

Awesome, thanks!

Those are Sony AAA vs Duracell AA, of course they are going to get spanked. Your post actually had me getting ready to pass until I took a closer look.

When you compare the two AAA brands, duracell AAA were in the 900s-500s range whereas the Sony batters were in the 700s-300s.