Sony STAMINA PLUS Batteries - 5 Sizes

**Item: **Sony STAMINA PLUS Batteries - 5 Sizes
Price: $14.99
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Christmas is coming up, you can never have too many batteries!

Batteries at Costco can be had for cheaper when shipping costs are considered .

Solid reviews (4.0 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Does this mean that woot will be selling AA again?

Useless trivia :

There used to be A and B sized batteries, but they are quite rare now. There’s also AAAA that is (no surprise here) smaller than AAA.

There was a F size as well, but I can’t seem to find out anything about E.

Are these as good as the Kodac batteries, I bought 72 right before Christmas last year of aaa, and aa. And they lasted me about all year. I can say the kodak lasted longer than the Energizer I used to buy.

I am SOOOO sick of getting Spam emails marketing this crap! Auuugghghghgh!!

Oh…uh…wait, batteries?

High drain devices like digital cameras perform best with Lithium batteries such as these:

I sure wish they would offer a mixed selection, like 8 AAA, AA, and 4 C, D, and 9V. Most people have mixed requirements (not 72 of the same type)

Just the other day, my son said, “We need some more Woot batteries” since we’re running out of the last Kodak shipment we bought for our gamer controllers. Do you have our house bugged?

Of course…Didn’t you realize that wii controller battery levels is one of the metadata that NSA scoops up from the cloud… That’s why you should flash the firmware for the new encryption update!

“stamina plus” means they are coated with a fine layer of Viagra.

12 Rayovac D cells are $12.76 on amazon with free shipping for prime customers such as me … this is no good deal woot!

Well my Camera plugs in to charge the odd little battery that came with it. My two kids play Wii with these, we have two furby’s (evil grandma) plus many other toys Plus my toys take them too. :slight_smile:

Well, since battery sizes seem to be sort of similar to bra sizes, we may be onto something here!

George Costanza: “I’ve based my whole life on knowing that D is the biggest”

@gak0090, not sure i would have said it that way, but I wondered something similar.

Perhaps this is another case of cross-cultural/translation word context conflicts like the Chevy Nova (no go) in Spanish speaking countries.

These are NOT Lithium they are Alkaline.

Duh, that’s why there’s a link right under his comment to lithium batteries.