Sony Stereo Digital Flash Voice Recorder

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Everything I can find seems to indicate that this item was sold mainly in Japan. There are a few youtube videos out there in Japanese

Here’s the Sony info:

PDF Manual:

Hasn’t the smartphone rendered this obsolete? I know, I know, any device made for a specific task will outperform a multitasker. And that is why DSLRs, point and shoot cameras, and camcorders are still around.

can i plug it into my smartphone’s headphone jack and use it to record phone calls?

possibly but i have yet to find an app that works to record phone calls. or at least i tried the top 2 rated ones and they didn’t work.

i ask about using it to record phone calls because my mom has recently lost her mind and she doesn’t believe me or the doctors so i want to record her.

Why is this listed as a “stereo” recorder when the specs clearly state that it is a monaural recorder?

Also, 192kbps mp3 is low quality for anything other than speech. Cutoff frequency for 192k mp3 is 18kHz, not the rote claimed 20kHz, so there is another bit of misinformation. Does woot! still employ anyone with a tech background, or has amazon replaced everyone with shills who don’t know any better and can’t be bothered to fact check?

This should be marketed as a dictation recorder, and that should be made more clear (which I hope I have done here). This is not some high end music or nature recorder.

You might want to check with your mom’s doctors first, recording her without her knowledge might make her worse. Esp. If she’s paranoid, because recording her without her knowledge would prove that she’s not paranoid. Perhaps a better idea would be to offer her the recorder so that she has control over what is recorded.

On the other hand if you record all of your calls, then you eliminate yourself as part of the problem. :wink:

It does say Voice Recorder in the title.
That would tell me it’s for recording meetings, etc
I would not expect any more from it.

Yeah, but typical marketing: “voice” is way down the word list. Then all the inflated specs, some of which are just WRONG, and the look of the thing, could easily lead the unsuspecting into thinking they are getting something more.

I think you would need a telephone pick up to go from the telephone into the recorder… they’re pretty cheap.

Any idea what the battery life is on this thing?

If you bill for your time (service calls, professional fees, etc) or have to report sales calls, these are great. I keep a similar unit in the cup holder of my car, and make detailed notes after each stop. At the end of each month, I have to summarize my customer visits, so that I get paid. I could do it with my phone, but layers of menus and risk of phone damage or loss keeps me using a dedicated device to help me earn a living.

There is something REALLY WRONG with the specs versus the description. I suspect it is higher spec than shown.

For those worried about this confusion and wanting to do other than voice recording, Sony makes another model that is more in the (street price) of $65 and is stereo, accepts MicroSD cards and is good enough for use for podcasts and even radio reporting (I know this, as I use one). I place a large foam mic cover over the top of the unit to reduce “pop.”

I don’t have the model number, but it is the same “look” as this one, but with a more vertical design. Look for it on the mothership.

I’ve used the Sansa Clip for recording meetings or taking notes and it does a pretty good job.The added bonus is It’s also a great MP3 player with FM radio.If you need more capacity just buy a Clip+ and micro sd card.

So sarree sony… too retro.

My phone does this, records and transcribes my voice messages, emails them and then posts them to the web.

Nice. But a bit too techno-hipster for some people. I have a TracPhone and this unit is configured in a very easy to understand way…and is only $50 with an SD card.


But if the internal battery poops out…you’re done. With this, you can replace the batteries.