Sony SW2 SmartWatch 2

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Sony SW2 SmartWatch 2
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Reviews are lukewarm on this watch.

I actually have both an SW2 (the black metal band version though) and a 1st gen Moto 360. Interestingly, I still end up wearing the SW2 more often. Why? Mostly because I can actually see the SW2 time screen at all times, both indoors and out. The Moto 360, even with “ambient mode” turned on, mostly just looks like a dead black circle, that occasionally lights up and becomes visible for a short time, and is problematic in sunlight (basically with the 360, take your pick between unreadable or big battery drain).

Keep in mind this is an older generation watch (prior to the SW3), with limited support and very few apps, limited faces, no heart rate monitor, or wireless charging, etc. That’s mostly OK by me because all I really wanted was something to tell date/time, sync my reminders so I don’t forget things, and preview certain notifications and messages.
For that stuff, it’s fine, and can also go more than a day without charging (the 360 can’t).

It does look noticeably large and blocky, so probably not recommended for those with skinny wrists.

Is it more flexible/useful than a pebble?


Battery life?

It probably would be if it still had a community devoted to developing new apps for it. The Pebble has a large community base and is constantly updating its SDK to support new features…

Black Friday deals will be better than this.

I have this watch and like it quite a bit. It is very limited. You can’t really read a message on your watch, but you can see who sent it an part of the subject. It is nice for being able to see who is calling and ignore the call. Really nice for pairing with your Lollipop phone as a trusted device so you don’t have to use your lock code when the two are talking to each other.

Pairing distance is not a full 30 ft in most instances. I don’t have a large home and find the connection is lost usually 15-20 ft away.

Battery life is typically 2-3 days. And it gets a solid charge in half an hour.

GPS capable?

Limited apps and faces? Why it that? isn’t it Android Wear? Their product page say is compatible with apps on the Google Play Store.

It runs a proprietary OS, much like the original Sony SmartWatch. The SW3 was the first Sony smartwatch to run Android Wear.

This is a decent notification watch. I bought this exact version a year ago on a different site for $100. Apps are limited but there’s a halfway decent selection.

If you buy this, I suggest you pick up a protector for the face. Mine dropped ~2 feet onto concrete and cracked the screen.

I want one
But I am confused that is it compatible with Xperia z3?
Because in the list they not showing z3
Thank you
Please help

Actually if you purchase Watchify for the SW2, you can see the whole message and also it shows pictures if they are texted to you. I think the app cost $2. I stumbled across this app and love it. Plus some of the other apps like informer, for some reason get locked up and won’t allow you to delete the messages on your watch.

Does this have a good twitter and facebook app?