Sony Tablet P w/ Dual 5.5" Touchscreens

Sony version of the Nintendo DS :slight_smile:

This is… inexpensive.

A Sony fail for sure, but here is a Cnet Video and review.

It is officially up-gradable to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Somehow I feel like I need this since all of the other tablets I’ve purchased only have a SINGLE touchscreen…

Does this have a SIM card slot? I was pretty interested until I saw the AT&T logo, which is making me reconsider.

Where do the DS games go?

I would not buy anything from SONY. Their products have had tons of defect issues in the past years.

What I find funny…i’m an AT&T customer…I’ve read about this “tablet” on a few sites…yet I never knew there was an AT&T branded version until now. They never talked about it, I saw no “blip” about it on the same sites that showed the regular version…and i’ve never once…once…seen one in an AT&T corp store let alone on AT&T’s very own website when i’m checking my account.

But i’m very tempted to buy one because I want a smaller tablet and my Acer A500 seems to have a battery drain issue now.

Just the idea behind this seems dumb. Doesn’t seem like it would be good for anything. Movies? No. Reading? No. Web browsing? No. The screen being cut in half would be annoying. Or you have 2 little screens. Just dumb. I love my Sony Tablet S though. I’d pass on this.

In for 1 but does it take a standard size SIM or micro SIM?

If it is like the s tablet from Sony it will crash a lot and have a horrible wifi range.

Wow Comments are already exploding on this thread. I gotta stick around and see what comes up.


Here is a video review from attack of the show.

From a design standpoint this is a lot more interesting than a traditional flat “chocolate bar” tablet. But like the NDS your vision is divided between two screens. Last time I checked, most apps are designed for one. I love the idea of using one half as a custom keyboard and one half as a word processor.

Don’t think I’ve ever seen this tablet before, but I remember a couple years ago Sony made a netbook with this same basic design and screen aspect ratio (just one screen, of course). It sold like hotcakes… cold, stale, nasty hotcakes…

What is this I don’t even.

The tablet still works as ‘one screen’ but the dead space in the middle makes it difficult to drag from the bottom to the top seamlessly which is the big design flaw. If they could have made those screens extremely close to each other so if you opened it flat it would almost be one screen it, perhaps, would have been more functional despite few apps being able to utilize both screens.

Note the original retail price. This came out in March. It’s not selling well because it doesn’t do anything well that a smartphone or 7" tablet does better.

According to this review it features a full sized SIM slot and a MicroSD slot.

5.5" screen plus 5.5" screen does NOT equal an 11" screen. From what I can tell this will be closer to the size of a 7" tablet.

I have to get one just because it is UNIQUE!!