Sony VAIO 13.3" Core i5 Laptop

Some User Reviews (3.5 star)

There is something really sexy about this computer.
Sort of reminds me of macbook sleekness. I recommend looking up some youtube reviews to get a look.

Decent review (3.5 out of 5.0) over at

Processor: Intel Core i5-3210M (2.5GHz) - Ivy Bridge, dual-core… not bad, performance-wise

13.3" screen, 16:9 aspect ratio… also not bad, but the issue here is the resolution. 1366 x 768… well, it’s not 1920x1080 (I believe it’s a bit harder to get 1080p screens with a 13.3" diagonal, but I might be wrong on it… I’m not expert on screen.)

Graphics is also an issue; Intel HD 4000 is not bad for everyday tasks, but for the highest specs for gaming, look elsewhere.

Memory equipped is 4GB DDR3 (fixed onboard), but the option is nice to expand to 12GB. Recommended to buy new modules when you can find good deals on them. Extra memory doesn’t always help with tasks and programs, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have it available.

Another limiting factor is the hard drive: at both 500GB SATA as well as 5400rpm speed, it’s on the low-end of storage solutions.

At least it’s got a DVD-RW drive on it… hey, and a multi-format card reader!

Standard Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n wireless, and Bluetooth 4.0+HS (the latest in BT tech, I believe).

WiDi is a nice option, but it’s not perfect either.

5h battery life, not bad.

It’s got the minimum number of ports for today’s tasks: 1 HDMI slot, 2 USB 3.0’s, a (sleep-and-) charge USB 2.0 is available.

Another limiting factor: Windows 8, however it IS 64-bit, which is always nice. Just either gotta get used to 8 or get another PC.

Light at 3.8lbs.

Overall, its specs could be had for $400-450. The rise in cost comes from the prestige of the “SONY” branding. SONY has quality laptops, actually, even though they diversify in all sorts of electronics. I’m sure for $550, you can get a newer SONY, or for a little more, get better specs.

well it’s got a below-average screen and below-average graphics… not to mention an outdated processor…so why is it $550? Seems more like $350 should be the price point.

If average is considered decent in todays market.

It’s a Sony.

Chic styling, and pink. Build quality is excellent. Magnesium chassis; it’s quite light.

If raw performance is all you’re after, and form-factor, style, and build quality aren’t important to you, then this machine won’t appeal to you.

widi is a really nice feature… probably the only reason to get this laptop. but you need an adapter for your tv, which is not included in this sale.

something like this:

Average and decent feel synonymous to me. Does the word decent give too much credit for average? Decent seems like the correct descriptor to me.

For a Sony, this looks like a pretty good deal. And (imo) it’s worth paying a bit extra for a good brand like Sony. They are built really well, and tend to be light and efficient for what they do.
Out of all the laptops I and my friends and family have owned (that I know about), the only brands that have never had or heard problems about are IBM/Lenovo and Sony. They are worth paying a bit extra for.
Of course it won’t be good as a gaming laptop or as a desktop replacement. But as a small-ish work laptop it looks great. The only things I’d like to see would be eSATA (although most people probably wouldn’t use it) and no CD drive (I don’t use CDs or DVDs enough for it to be worth the weight, although others may find it useful or necessary).

I’m leaning against getting this laptop, but only because of the included optical drive (and resulting price and weight). I think the comments in the thread so far re specs are a little more negative than warranted. That’s a pretty current Ivy Bridge i5 CPU; HD4000 is the current standard for integrated graphics. i7 and / or a separate or switchable graphics solution is still rather premium. It’s nice that the RAM is upgradeable - many computers offered on sale (or in smaller form factors) are stuck at 4 GB. Granted the screen is not exciting, but again it is pretty standard for this range.

Minus the DVD, $75 cheaper and at 3 pounds, I’d get over the average screen and Windows 8 and get me one.

$549.99 tonight
The Sony support page breaks it further down into the SVS1312ACXP and SVS1312ACXW models. Not knowing which one to pick from the
model choice page
you can pick, but my guess is the manuals are the same regardless, and there are other tabs for other info on the computer on the same page as the manuals tab. If you want, here’s the link to the main manual

love the spec, love the design, love the color, and the price!

I’m guessing the last letter “W” or “P” only specifies the color of the case

This always happens here. For the average consumer this laptop would do everything they need and probably a bit more. Not everyone plays games everywhere they go (or at all). This is a well made computer with average specs. The screen isn’t “full” HD but most likely you won’t care or even notice.

Sony (like Apple) is about brand. The cost is going to reflect that. Stop comparing these laptops to gaming systems or home built systems. Not everyone cares to have a top of the line system or to build their own computer.

Dang it, this is so close exactly what I have been looking for for the past few weeks - except the Windows 8. I am not sure that the old Cisco VPN client I need to use to connect to some customer sites will work on Windows 8, and not sure I want to spend 500+ to find out…

This is a respectable brand @ a decent price.

Keep in mind it is a 13.3 inch model, so more transportable than 14/15 inch laptops. While this would not be a stellar price for a 14/15 inch laptop with nice design, from a solid brand, it wouldn’t be a ripoff either.

This size class tends to be a bit more expensive so if you don’t appreciate the small size, look at 15 inch models.

The performance specs of this model will make 90% of its owners very happy for several years.

Don’t worry about windows 8 - easy to make it feel like 7 with simple addin software.

But guys better act fast so you don’t get stuck with Pink!?! :wink:


How does it compare to this?
(minus it being a Sony, I know)

@urslf, not comparable.

  1. it is used (refurb) vs this woot being new.
  2. it isn’t that great a price for a 15 inch laptop with similar specs - could get new for similar to a bit more $.
  3. Acer is not as good as Sony either.