Sony VAIO 13.3" Core i5 Laptop

**Item: **Sony VAIO 13.3" Core i5 Laptop
Price: $549.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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4/29/2013 - $549.99 - 45 comment(s)

Ooooo, a pink 550$ laptop. Just what I always wanted.

I have no idea what’s going on. Stop messing with my head, woot.

The wooters bought ALL the gray rectangular computers so we’re offering a pink flat computer.

When I worked at best buy two years ago we sold this same model computer. It was my favorite computer that we sold (though not necessarily pink) but was usually around 549.99 and came with the netgear adapter for wireless display. From a quick search, they currently sell the silver with 8gb ram for 600, though not sure if it comes with wireless display adapter.
Eh, not a bargain, but a really good computer for travel.

This is the “F” model.

(Obscure Simpsons reference.)

I like Simpsons but I don’t get the reference.

Oh man, I wish I could justify buying this, because it is ADORABLE.

Maybe if it could play Borderlands 2 so I could go to the bathroom and shoot stuff at the same time?

Seems rather pricey for the specs, unless pink paint is really really expensive.

Special “passive anti-theft feature”

Mr. F …

My last 3 laptops have been varying shades of pink Sony Vaios. I’ve been pretty happy with Sony thus far and would totally get this if my laptop hadn’t been basically supplanted by my Surface.

Overpriced… If it had a 256 SSD that might account for the price. Better to buy a used one on eBay for $250. I am tired of Woot’s pathetic laptop deals.

It’s not just their laptops. About 1 in 10 “deals” are actually good nowadays. The rest are just a few bucks off the retail price.