Sony Vaio All-in-One Desktop PC w/ Intel 1.7GHz Dual Core and 19” LCD

AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGG!!! Missed it by that much… killed me when I hit the gold button…

DAMN DAMN DAMN UGHH I WAITED 3 days. and i couldnt get it loss of sleep waiting. NOT FAIR ughhhhh




hmm, need new servers imo

Server is too busy
Server is too busy
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Server is too busy

WTF?? Did anyone even get close to getting a bag of crap?

No! I missed my Carrots!

Woot, you guys so suck. I tried forever for my bag o carp and got squat! Next time, I’m sending you guys my doggie presents, for real!!

wow. not as useful as you might want.

How TH do I get one of those nice scrolling signature things? HMM?

Server is too busy

Woot Servers BLOW!!!

Let the torrent of DAMN YOU WOOT come down on you.

A plague on both your houses, Woot!

the previously offered 22" for $100 more with better peripherals was better

Never gonna get a BOC…

dang no crap

damn you woot


i hate wootoffs

WTF? Why all the rush? GET IN LINE :((