Sony Vaio Dual Core Widescreen Notebook

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Refurbished Sony Vaio Dual Core Widescreen Notebook, for $499.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Sony Vaio VGN-NR220E/S Dual Core Notebook 1.6GHz, 160GB, 1GB, 15.4", Vista HP

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4 stars on AMazon and a couple hundred bucks less than on the CSEs. Nice deal…

1 GB Standard, 2 GB Max and runs Windows Vista? No thanks Woot.

which laptop is better: this one or the VGN-NR140E ??

Doesn’t look like the type of lappy I would purchase for this price.

This vaio was for 499 on black friday with free printer at best buy. Refurbs are a real turn off. How cheap can u get to place your fingers on keys that have been around before?

with vista, 4 gigs ram or nothing

Worse specs than the lappy I got at Fry’s for the same price last month, which wasn’t a furb. No thanks, Woot.

This is not a particularly good deal. This week, Best Buy had the Toshiba A205-S5825. It is superior to this unit in every way except for a 120GB disk drive (CPU is the same but 2.0GHz instead of 1.6GHz), it is not a refurb, and the sale price was $399. And, frankly, as a computer vendor Sony is not very user-friendly.

Agree 100%.

Got one of these from BBY for $360 OTD. Good notebook.
Battery life isn’t the greatest but decent, 1gb of ram really needs to be updated to 2 like I did and it runs much better. If you reformat your HDD you won’t be able to get all the sony pre-installed stuff back 100% w/o the restore discs.

Runs leopard good though.

Theres an Acer with similar specs at Circuit City for cheaper:

and its brand new… not refurb…

Sony warranty service on lappies is farmed out to a third-party and terrible. I would not risk it on a refurb.

I’m just glad the comparison between the VAIO and Scott Baio stopped before they got to the “Inputs and Outputs” section.

…uh… spew…

Yes, when networked.

not worth it -___- the specs… suck(to be blunt)

and the “AV Mode” only thing i heard is that it doesnt even work

am i tripping or is that snowflake like figure moving …

oh… and apparently the battery has a hard time staying in

Any weekend’s ads will include several laptops with 2gbytes RAM and a better processor for less money. And that will be a brand new one, not refurbished.