Sony VAIO LT Series All-In-One PC/TV with 22" LCD

I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong here, but…

Refurbished = someone returned the item due to it being defective, the company fixes what was broke and sells it to woot where we buy it.

Recertified = someone returned the item due to it being defective but in truth it was actually a case of buyer’s remorse, the company determines that nothing was actually broke and sells it to woot where we buy it.

Nothing, but the latter gets more coin.


nice setup if you are in a dorm room… excelnt on the space saving… not bad if you are considering all-in-one… pluse it has ATSC tuner!!

since I use two screens on my home computer and 4 screens at work, an All-In One is totally out of the question… You almost had me last week with the AMD Quad, but the mother board did not have two PCI e x16 slots available for video cards… I am sure to find one by end of August.

Not me. Maybe if it was new I would consider it. But probably not – been stung by Sony’s computer warranty service (lack thereof) once too many times.

A year back I got special deal for same configuration PC. It was no doubt one
of the most stylist PC I have even seen in this budget range. If you have that in your desk everyone will praise of that but other side of coin is I have lost my interest (may be my badluck) on any Sony PC.

My first mistake was Vista. I did not believe it was running Core 2 Duo processor with 2GB memory! It seems to me as slow as running windows XP on Celeron processor with 128 MB RAM! It was pretty slow even when I run MS Word. Keyboard looked shiny but it ate battery like charm! Same for mouse. Does any one like to turn on and off keyboard and mouse switch just to save bettery? I had old Laptop which still connects to Wifi router in 2nd floor but wireless hardware is so poor that I could not work from another corner of my room. I am not sure if thats exactly same monitor but from 40 degree angle I could not see picture nicely. However if you look at straight its WOW! I am sharing my own experience. I think the reason you see it cheap in Refurbish store is people like me got frustrated and returned. Please consider everything as my personal experience. May be I had no luck. I have no interest to have PC just to showcase something stylist. I will be happy with regular desktop from Gateway or Dell.

I would get this if it was cheaper. At this price, I might as well just buy it from ebay.

wow, so far one dude in VA bought three.


Can this truly be love?..Oh wait, it’s sony.

About $500.

Kinda like “Used Car” & “Previously Owned”.

way over priced piece of crap. sopny is nothing but garbage

Does anyone know where I can buy that monitor seperately? CHOICE

I just saw batman and there was a sony commercial for the newer version of this PC before the movie…Looks cool, then I remembered it was made by sony

Virginia does it again!

Ha Ha Ha. JackAss! But you got a point, lol. That $5 for shipping is a bit steep though, don’t you think? Lol.

All in one just means the tower and the monitor are in one package, not separate. It would be very difficult to have the keyboard combined…no freedom whatsoever, which is bad (as I type from a keyboard set at an angle from my monitor currently)

benwaldman actually purchased 3? WOW - he was the only one to woot so far

Wow, I feel kinda bad for the guy that just bought 3!