Sony VAIO LT Series All-In-One PC/TV with 22" LCD

Grab a Snickers

y do those sd cards go so quick???


So much for work, today.

does this work with Candi?


Whoa, wait, costco had this for 1,300 and woot has it for 700? I think I’ve found a new home.

may have grabbed this another day. Too much right now though.

It’s Wabbit Season!

Dang where was this when I needed a computer? I ended up Wooting an HP. I know I probably have way more machine then this, but come on, this does look preety damn cool. I had VAIOS for the last 7 years before this machine, and they always rocked!

I bought them both… no need to thank me

finally I can go to sleep for a few hours…

Welcome to the club!

damn i was still reading the specs when it sold out

sooo hunnngrrrrryyyy; want chinese; somebody buy 3.

All this time that I’ll never get back…

i think that a shower is in order…don’t think that i’ll be missing anything…now if i only had the chick bouncing into her blue jeans from last night’s forum, i’d be set!

Let me rephrase - if I had a place to put it and would actually use it over my current laptop. I do have the money =D

sold out quick