Sony VAIO Sport Messenger Notebook PC Bag



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Sony VAIO Sport Messenger Notebook PC Bag
$11.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Sony VAIO VGP-AMB9 Sport Messenger Notebook PC Bag


Wow - $38 bucks on Amazon. Too bad it won’t fit a 17 incher.

Froogle -


What is the padding made of, And how thick is the material ?


Ugly as sin.


what a bad picture



Too bad my SwissGear bag takes all the punishment I give it and doesn’t have a blemish period.


damn you’re lazy




just giveing me yet another reason to buy a laptop if i buy this


sweet! fits the wife’s new vaio. even sweeter: no dumbpost!
in for one!


This is a good deal. You don’t even need to use it for laptops. I usually use my laptop messenger bag to carry books around, and it cost twice as much as this.

And if you think this is ugly, you should take a look at what everyone else is toting around these days. At least this will be slim.


In for Three
Will be a nice more economic alternative to the SwissGear Bags I got today.



seems better than the one on sony’s own website…
[link=] sony link[/link]


But its under 20 bucks! The one I want is over $150.
so I’m in for 1 at this price.


Just got my Swiss Gear bag the other day. LOVE IT! This looks really nice, but how many bags can I use?

I would get one for my brother, but he has a 17’ puter


I figured it was time to woot again, its only been 2 weeks since my last…


Try these picture from this web site:


Anyone know if this is waterproof? If it is I’m in for one. If not then I’ll pass.


Awesome! Needed to get my mother somethin’ :stuck_out_tongue: