Sony VAIO UX390N Premium Micro PC

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Sony VAIO UX390N Premium Micro PC
$1299.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Sony VAIO VGN-UX390N Premium Micro PC

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I played with one of these in Best Buy they are really amazing! VAIO UX390N Premium Micro PC

looks to expensive and fragile for me

Gee… I really want one
But just bought a new laptop just before Thanksigiving
Will have to pass on this woot! :frowning:

I’ve never seen anything like this… crazy. I wonder if it’s like an EEE or something.

I am sorry but that doesn’t look user friendly at all!!!
Not tonight or even two fer tuesday

A giant blackberry with a horrible OS? Am I missing something?

Meh. I just got a brand new Asus laptop too. Comes in Wed… otherwise I would have gotten this if it was last week

Oh woot! I’m on the line. What version of BT ?

'tis not Cingular anymore folks.

…in any case, friends don’t let friends run Microsoft OSes. 'night.

Just got back CES last week and one of these was definitely on my “wish list”. On a side note, I saw a few guys at the Grand Lux as I was on my way into have lunch and told them i loved their site and was on it every night. I’m a dork.

I’d get one if I had the money, but for now I’ll stick with my Eee PC (350 retail…)

This costs more than a decent real PC.

These are pretty sweet. While they won’t impress the person sitting next to you on the train the way an iPhone will, these are quite useful for business travelers. If I had the extra cash lying around I’d go for one - much easier than lugging around a full size laptop. Hook it up to a keyboard and large monitor and you can use it at home for browsing the web and word processing.

High quality pc you got woot. I just wish I had smaller fingers and such.

Enjoy these 3 reviews:

It is not going to outshine the Asus EEE pc, even though this one has more features. Remember, price can sway a lot of people.