Sony WFL900 LinkBuds Truly Wireless Earbuds (Grade A Refurbished)

Sony WFL900 LinkBuds Truly Wireless Earbuds (Grade A Refurbished)

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Has Anyone used these type of earbuds?
Sounds like a good deal, but wondering if they will be comfortable to wear. :thinking: :thinking:

I have and love these. They are a divisive design, and they will just not fit the smallest ears, since the speaker design with the torus/donut just isn’t flexible, either in material, or ability to wear it in only “partway-in” modes.


  • You’re never disconnected from your surroundings. No messing with transparency functions that work in weird or inconsistent ways
  • The Sony app is terrific at managing EQ, and all the cool functions (like tapping on your cheek to accept calls, or control music playback)
  • Super cheap for what used to cost way more than when I bought mine at launch. Inexpensive for a quality product


  • Fit is very particular. Works better for adults with middle-to-larger ears, but even then, it takes time to get accustomed to where it puts pressure within the auricle of the ear, rather than the entry to ear canal
  • Not strong on bass. Some of the Sony app settings can be tuned fairly decently for a neutral-ish tone, but it just can’t create the same bass pressure that closed buds do

Hopefully that helps!

Edit - I just bought some more as backups :star_struck:


Thanks mate for spending time to list down the pros and cons. This was helpful, will go with these now. :dove:
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so how do you like them?

I just got my pair and I was worried they wouldn’t be good but honestly after using them for a couple of days, I can say I do enjoy them. I also like to use them in bed, they dont fall out or anything like my AirPods Pro 2 does. I’m still in the process of deciding if I fully like them or not but so far it has been a decent buy.

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so, and what do you can say about it?
any advices?

I am something of an earbud collector. No expert or anything, but I have probably 10 or 12 pairs of different brands across all price ranges.

The sound on these is excellent, but as other have said, bass is slightly thin. Most likely you won’t notice or care, and the other features of these buds more than offset it. They’re either comfortable for you or, for a small subset, quite uncomfortable. No way to know until you try them, I think.

Otherwise, for the price, you get a high quality piece of Sony equipment. Worth it for me, I bought several as gifts and everyone who got them loves them.

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Are they still in stock?. Last time I tried to buy them my order got refunded lol

Hi there. Don’t see that order on the account your using at the moment but yeah, they should be in stock.

Bought a pair, they arrived with no instructions on how to pair or use, which is fine in the end, they don’t connect and if you can get them to pair, the moment you close the lid they turn off anyways. How do I get a refund?

Sorry for the issue.

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