Sony Wireless Bluetooth Party Speaker

Sony Wireless Bluetooth Party Speaker

I bought this but it is very clearly not a new product.
For starters, after I opened it and connected to it via Bluetooth it was labeled ‘Attic Speaker’.
Next, when I tried to setup google assistant on the speaker using google home. The speaker was already set to one of the male voices, not the default lady voice.
In addition, the speaker would not connect properly for setup. I tried for maybe an hour and coudnt get it to work even though I have set up countless similar speakers to this.
While this sounds bad, having set up so many, many google speakers in the past I knew this probably meant the speaker was not properly disconnected from the last account it was used on and a factory reset might allow it to be properly set up again.

After looking up how to factory rest the speaker(it was super easy, so easy in fact one could do it by accident. maybe not the best design from sony), I did it and then the expected google assistant lady voice popped up and it connected to my home via my phone app no problem. Also, after I set up the speaker on my google home the name I gave it became its new bluetooth name so no more ‘Attic Speaker’ lol.

So again, THERE IS LITERALLY NO WAY THIS WAS A NEW SPEAKER (unless they were doing speaker tests in the attic of sony) that is very disappointing that it was sold under that guise.

The product works but if say someone like my mom or grandma bought it they would be SOL on getting it to work with a google ecosystem.

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