Sony Wireless Infrared Headphones


[imgleft][/imgleft] Sony Wireless Infrared Headphones - Saturday, October 08, 2005
Item qty: 450, Last Order: 2:08 AM CST, Wooter to blame: drstogie
Order Pace: 0m 19.962s, Woot Wage: $8,407.84/hour.


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Sony Wireless Infrared Headphones $39.99 + $5 shipping

Best Price on Froogle is - $68

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have them already


Does any1 know if they’d would in a car with the IR LCD Screen?


Vibration function? What the woot!?

I have a similar pair of these. They work great if you do not live near someone who uses another similar product. Mine can alter the frequency from base to headset, but some seem to blast the entire frequency range. If someone near you has those, you’re only gonna hear their music or static. :frowning: Not counting that, I love these things.


i’ve always wanted wireless headphones, but these are too big :\

maybe wireless earbuds… now thats the stuff! :slight_smile:


Darn I already have something like these…
First page!


have em dont like em




Dis sux! First page!


Nice friggin’ Woot!


got senheiser refurbs RF from amazon cheaper than that


ohhhh ive been looking for a pair!


Peet’s dumb placeholder. Nice set of sony’s - I prefer bose, which I have - but I know a friend with these - great price for great sound. As allways - stay away from his site - I saw it posted here that it was full of malware and adware.


[quote user=“oltouch”]have them already[/quote]do you like them?


Refurb! I would buy them if they weren’t though. Nice headphones.


Russ likes them


These are great. I had a pair of Sonys like those. Very very good sound quality. They run forever on a single AA alkaline battery - and these even have a rechargeable.

The only problem with infrared is that you have to stay within the room to have reception - sound cuts off when you walk out. On the plus side, however, you don’t get any interferrences as you would with the RF wireless headphones. Enjoy a good woot.


cheapest on froogle for the same set seems to be around 75 bucks. i may have to take this one up.