Sony Wireless RF Headphones

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Sony Wireless RF Headphones
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4.5 Stars over at B&H Photo

I smell a large rat.
R.F. huh?
If it really is RF:
What’s the frequency, Kenneth?
That’s all I need; mess up the WiFi reception in my area.
Tell me, Tell me, please?

This marketing spec sheet has more info. Might answer some of your questions.

Kenneth sang like a canary!

Wireless 900Mhz FM headphones for cord-free listening.

Dang. I need to be 150.95 feet away.

The user manual says the base plugs into an a/v audio out jack from component. No bluetooth.

This would work well in a setup where one person wants to listen to a device (like a television) in close proximity to someone who does not. It is not bluetooth, instead relying on input from a component then radio broadcasting it to the headset.

I’ve own a pair of these for a few years now. Got them so I could watch TV while the wifey sleeps. I lost my high pitch hearing from noise pollution. (Army, guns, music, stupid shart)
Anyway, they just ok at the full price I paid for them which were bought a local electronic store (BB). Anyway, I can walk around the house (house 50’long) with them but will lose connection here and there, or get tons of static. But they work for what I need them for. And even then 10-15’ away, I can get static just by the way I hold my head.

First thing to go to shart, was the volume control. Just like the old days when you touch the dial and sound cuts out and get static as you touch/move the dial. And lose left channel all the time when you touch the dial only to fiddle forever with it to get full sound back. Other than that, they have been great.

I’ve hooked up Bluetooth on my TV in the office and that works great. So that’s will be my next update when this takes a full dump.

Certified refurbs with prime shipping on the mother site are half original price and $30 cheaper than Woot:

I bought these a number of years ago. Wife can hear a mouse pissing on a cotton ball and I can not hear anything. I use them on our T.V. Wife has the volume sooooo low that I need to read lips without these. They have worked very well and have all the range you need if you are using them to watch T.V. You can go to the bathroom and keep listening to your program if you want:) I would say 5 stars for that application.

I purchased the Sennheiser 120 from
Amazon about 3 weeks ago and love them. Absolutely no hiss and hardly any drop-outs as you move around the house and even the yard.

Sound and comfort are tops. Highly recommended.

Probably not a big deal, but I’m 97.67567% sure these are not stereo.

Will they ever stop making headphones with that God-awful material that begins to break down and leave black flakes all over your face after a couple years?

Sorry…you’d fall into the 2.32433%. They are stereo.

Had these for a long time for the treadmill. Someone else said it…they’re just OK. You can do better than these for a few more/same bucks. I wouldn’t buy them again. The battery last a long time though.

In for two
Have a set at the office for computer
My hearing is not great, open cockpit airplanes 45 years ago, these work with my hearing aids, for my use, Netflix, rhapsody etc. better than Bluetooth. Love them on exercise machine. I have Bluetooth sets that work with hearing aids for when I need to be portable (PHBT5). I have been waiting for these. Actually in for three, Have one at the office…one for lake, one for bedroom, one for exercise room.