Sony X90CH Series - 4K UHD LED LCD TV

Sony X90CH Series - 4K UHD LED LCD TV

Who is the seller?


So, the item is coming from amazon?

Woot is the seller. The item will ship directly from our vendor.

So who’s the vendor? I’m skeptical… purchased a New Microsoft laptop from woot this past September it was list as NEW.
I was sent a refurbished computer from some other seller

Hi again. We do not list our vendors unless they carry the warranty. I’m sorry for the poor experience you had with the laptop.

We’ve been using this vendor for our TVs for many years.

If it’s the same vendor (name unknown or not remembered) that my Sony TV from Woot came from, it was perfect, shipped excellently via freight.
Don’t know if that helps @tomcat7124 make a decision but hopefully provides some insight. :+1:

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Is there any way to get an extended warranty past the 90 day warranty it comes with?

Hi there. Currently we’re unable to offer the SquareTrade warranty due to some technical difficulties (e.g. Flash). We hope to in the future.

So there is only a 90 day warranty? This isn’t much of a deal when you can buy this 75inch tv for $100 more at Costco and get a 5-7 year warranty if you use the Costco card?


So no extended warranty is possible?

Deal seems worth taking a shot on but the fact that if it winds up defective w/the 90 day warranty Im on the hook for return shipping costs for an 85" TV is rough…

If it’s defective, then Woot would cover the shipping cost if you speak to CS.


I noticed that the link for the specs for the 85” takes you to the 2018 900f. Can you confirm that this model is indeed the 900h/90ch?

Thanks for the note. We’ve updated the link.

I’d like to buy this tv with a protection plan. Wow, amazon offers products from third- party sellers. Oh great, this tv is on amazon’s site, and it is “sold by woot” and I can buy a protection plan! Wait, it’s $100 more?!?!? Why is that?

I’m a little surprised that everyone is focused on the warranty and that nobody has mentioned that the description says its capable of 4K @ 120Hz, but in the spec sheet, the only resolution that it says it can output at 120Hz is 1080p. But again the specs say it has a native 120Hz refresh rate. How is it native 120Hz, if only one resolution {not even the max) is the only one that supports it? What’s that about?

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It states in the spec notes 4K/120 available in future firmware upgrade.