Sony X90CH Series - 4K UHD LED LCD TV

Hi there. We’ve sold thousands and thousands of TV. Most arrive just fine but people don’t come back to post that.

Should there be an issue though, Woot CS will be happy to help.


My 86" works perfect and as for the missing wall mount stud bolts I went to the hardware store and got 4 bolts for $2 that worked fine, the missing remote AAA batteries didn’t break the bank either, found that the manual is a file on the TV in the app menu. I ran service mode on the TV to find out exactly how many hours the TV was used before I got it, it had a little over 4 hours on it.


I got the 65”… replaced my 55” 3d sony from 5 yrs ago… came packed in factory cardboard n foam. Had remote n stand pieces. No batteries… hace had the streaming apps n cable going for a few wks now… n fricken LOVE THIS TV… the black is super black… n ps5 looks fricken awesome on it… thanks a ton Woot…