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Sony Xperia Z Tablet Bundles
Price: $399.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, May 15 to Friday, May 16) + transit
Condition: New


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Some perfect reviews over at

I had to search to find out this is an Android tablet. Woot makes it hard to find this info.

Good thing I didn’t place an order.

Android is the OS of choice for cheap, bottom of the line tablets (and give away phones) but doesn’t go head to head with the other operating systems and shouldn’t be priced accordingly.

Avoid this one

Avoiding any open generalisations that add no actual value to the conversation, what’s the warranty like for this tablet? If I bought one as a gift for someone who’s travelling outside the US, does a global warranty apply?

Also, I’m guessing this is the first model of the Sony tablet, not the newer Z2, correct?

Under specs (2nd tab on page) , says quite plainly:
Operating System: Android™ 4.2.2 Jelly Bean

I looked to find out which Android version before considering purchase. Not hard to find at all.

Correct, it’s not the Z2. This model came out about a year ago but is still a very good tablet.

$559 on Amazon, and that’s without a case, so a good deal for sure. That said, my gut says wait for the next gen for significant improvements over this (decent) tablet.

While many cheap tablets use Android, because it’s open source, it doesn’t dictate that it’s a cheap tablet. Sony makes solid phones and I’d certainly look into this device for a purchase.

If it’s a name brand such as Sony, Samsung, etc. then you have a solid device. Otherwise, you’re just a iFan.

You’re right that the next gen will be bigger and better,because they will ALWAYS be better than the previous models, but the specs are on par with what’s out right now. The 1.5 Quad is a bit on the low side, but the 2 Gig RAM is faster than some name brand tablets.

This is a good buy for those that want a good tab at a decent price.

I’ve owned the original xperia, which was buggy and slow. Needed to reset this all the time - but it served as an OK remote (which was its main function in my house). I now have the xperia S - no issues at all. Pretty fast and it is a very good universal remote. Now I’ve decided to dive in with the Z - it should be faster than the S and I can spill things on it without too much worries, what’s there not to like about a waterproof universal remote for the home theater system.

Excuse me, but if it is not IoS, and its not Windows, what else would it be?

A word of warning. Sony has a history of abandoning their tablets and also locking them down. I have one of their S gen tablets and two years after it came out they stopped all firmware updates for it and you cannot upgrade it to the latest android version.

Also the list price for a tablet on their own site is 599.99 though they sell it on their official site for 549.99. The cover is 79.99 going for 49.99… You can find screen protectors for 10 and Sony doesnt even sell them so frankly the list price of this is higher than it should be.

One last thing if this is the first gen z tablet, sony issued a clarification on it being water resistant - the first batch of z tablets weren’t.

With a little research, this expert would discover that Android is over 75% of the world market in phones and tablets. My company recently stated that they couldn’t guarantee support for Apple IOS in the future as it was becoming less prominent world wide.

What a strange comment. Android phones and tablets are super, highly sought after, and there is no reason to say they don’t equal or even beat Apply and Windows OSs. I bought the Sony tablet (a much older version) from Woot a while back and it has been nothing that a blazing fast, thin, easy to use tablet, sturdy, etc. Way easier to use than my wife’s Apply iPad, much lighter, thinner, etc.

I have a hard time jumping for this for 400 when the Z2 Tablet direct from Sony is only 100 more and I can buy a case I really like…

That being said these are really nice tablets!

Well, good morning all. I think we’re going to see some lively conversation today.

Please refrain from personal attacks. If you’re commenting on this product (THAT WOULD BE WONDERFUL) or a rebuttal based on fact or opinion, you’re golden.

One liners that do not add to the debate in a meaningful way and personal insults will be deleted.

Aw Mom, we were just having fun…

I have the Sony S tablet from about 18 months ago, which requires a proprietary charger. Did Sony finally wise up and allow USB charging with this one?