Soon to be Famous Last Words

“I have high hopes for my derby entry.”

Is this loaded?

“Go ahead and spark that thing…”*

*actual quote from a biology professor of mine, just before I sparked the lighter, trying to light the Bunsen burner, though he had opened the wrong gas line which had filled his sleeve with gas, and not the line to the Bunsen burner.

WHOOMP. All the hair on his arm was gone in an instant. lucky it wasn’t more serious.

why did he have a line into his sleeve?

His sleeve was at the end of the metal gas valve. When he opened it up, easy like, it filled his sleeve. I can still hear the gas whooshing out, quietly. The gas valve that the burner was connected to had a latex tube going out of it to the burner. Obviously, no gas went through there, but the only way to know he had turned on the wrong one was to have watched him do it. I was watching his other hand on the burner as he adjusted it, allegedly so that it would work. Consequently, I had no idea he had just filled his labcoat’s sleeve up with natural gas.

This is why I perform all of my Bunsen-related business in the nude.

Well, he was about 80 yrs old, and relatively, um, paunchy, and quite wrinkled, at least about the face. On the plus side, his research was on the Australian giant earthworms, so he did have a certain cachet.

I would trade him instantly for you to have been my biology teacher, though.

This belongs in the creepy people thread.

without question, l.o.l

Is it hard to get a letter of recommendation from a professor if you almost blow him up?

<<Is it hard to get a letter of recommendation from a professor if you almost blow him up?>>

I think the professor tried to blow himself up.

Joe lit the match.

lulz. Biology w/ Professor PemberDucky:

So funny, I had a mad scientist type for my Middle School science class. He liked to burn things

“dude, watch this!”

Hmmmm…looks like it might fit…

You would think with a name like yours, that you would know better!