Soothe Them Muscles

The digital massager says, “Combo set includes a pair of shoes to massage the feet”

It keeps referencing this combo set, but there isn’t a combo set for sale? Please update or clarify the write up - are the shoe/foot massage pieces included in the current offer?

UPDATE: No boots come with those products. The sales will be updated shortly. Sorry for the confusion.

Are the pads reusable and if not how many sets of pads are included

Not sure which item but on the ones I’ve seen, the pads are reusable for a while and they usually come with one set. Once the adhesive starts to wear down, you’ll want a new set for better conductivity.

You can buy replacement pads on Amazon and other sites. Example

For those who are unfamiliar with these pads, these are phase-change self-heating pads. That is they are filled with a supersaturated solution of sodium acetate (the neutralized salt of vinegar). When the little button inside of the pad is snapped, the mechanical shock will start the most amazing thing as the solution starts to crystallize.

As the solution goes from liquid to a solid mass of crystals, the heat of crystallization is released making the pouch quite warm. However, the temperature will never rise to the point where one can receive burns, but will always remain safe at a maximum temperature of 123°F.

The pouch will retain heat, albeit losing it steadily for several hours.

To reset the pouch, one simply wraps it in a towel and places it in a large pot of boiling water for about 20 minutes until all of the crystals have return to the supersaturated solution state. The towel is recommended to be used in order to protect the pouch from a hot pot side, which might damage it.

One can also get double duty from the pouch since it can be used as a heated, liquid filled pouch once it is removed from its boiling water batch. If you do this be very careful as the pouch can be quite a bit hotter than it will get from the phase change reaction and do not use sharp tools to lift the pouch from the boiling water bath. The safest way to do this is to turn off the heat and allow the pot to cool for a half hour or more until the pouch can be safely handled with unprotected hands.


Since there is no chemical change, but rather a change of state, used to produce the heat, these pouches can be reset and reused indefinitely.

The outer pouch is usually made of tough polyurethane or PVC film which is hard to tear or to puncture, but it can be done, especially if you freeze the pouch for use as a cold pack. If a leak develops, it is not a problem as one will have a vinegar-like smell but clean up is relatively easy as there is no harmful material in the system.

While these pouches can provide hours of heat and of comfort, kids, especially love to play with them and watch the crystals form throughout the pouch.

One final note. If you use them for a while, you can soon learn to orient the pouch when setting it off to begin the heating cycle so that you have the most mass or even mass distribution of the crystallizing sodium acetate so as to concentrate the heat in such a way that it will work best as on a shoulder, knee, etc.

I just ordered one of these as a gift. If the following narrative is false “Recharge the internal lithium battery to keep them powered up for foot massages, which can be enhanced with the pair of massaging shoes included in the combo set.”, then I do not want it. It was intended to help the person’s aching feet. Why would Woot post such a narrative in the first place if it’s not true? “Sorry” is not going to fix this in my case…

Apologies. We obtain our information from the vendors or vendor sites. You can refuse the package when it arrives and you will be refunded once we get it back.

the heated egg massagers are cheaper here.

That would be OK had I not ordered 5 other items. Most likely your solution would mean having to refuse 5 items to get credited for one that was falsely advertised. You can surely do better than that for your customers.

Ah, ok. Please email and ask for their assistance. Just explain what happened. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.