Sophora New Zealand Sparkling Rose (6)

Sophora New Zealand Sparkling Rosé 6-Pack
Sold by: Lion Nathan USA Inc
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NV Sophora Sparkling Rosé, New Zealand

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5/14/17 (White)


Had this 2 months ago at Fleming’s Steakhouse. Very enjoyable and paired well with a variety of foods including a salad with raspberry vinaigrette, garlic mashed potatoes, filet mignon and French onion soup.

Nose of strawberries and cream. Slightly sweet on the palate with strawberry, bright cherry and cassis. The + acidity gives a mineral buzz to the mouthfeel.

I got the 6-pack of Sophora Brut recently and didn’t enjoy it as much as this Rosé. My first test of 2017 Summer Shipping. Fingers crossed…

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EDIT: I think THIS is the correct CT listing.

No shipping to CT. Sad face.

I got this last time and my family and friends that actually know something about wine thought it was great.

I liked it too which means nothing.

Thanks for the review.

Might you help me find where you see that summer shipping has started?

It certainly should be.

Well, the sale page still says standard shipping, but one could infer from WD’s comments in the summer shipping thread that it’s in effect already.

So last offer was for sparking cuvee, what are the main differences between that and this offering?

This is the Rosé. Cesare’s CT link (is now fixed).

This is the Rosé, which my wife and I preferred over the previously offered Brút (which was also good).