Sorbus Fridge and Freezer Organizer Bins

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Sorbus Fridge and Freezer Organizer Bins
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Do I have to be single to use these? Because the fridge looks like it is a single person. Also this is the female pack. I just need the condiment and soda tray.

Catsup and yellow mustard in the fridge? shudder

Why? Because it has yogurt? Haven’t you seen Burn Notice?

I’m really struggling with this. On the one hand, I want my refrigerator more organized. On the other, I don’t need more clutter in there.

Why shudder?
it may not be necessary to refrigerate them but it is recommended…

I bought a set of these for $5 more from Amazon a while ago. They’re pretty great, seems to be durable plastic. I like that the egg holder holds 14, so when you buy another dozen and still have a few leftover, they don’t have to be chucked out the window at people walking through your yard. Who covers eggs? Eat your eggs faster! I use the egg cover as a skid for my Bona mop so the soggy wet mop-head doesn’t get moldy sitting directly on the floor after use - the grooves allow the microfiber pad to dry.

Also, the ridges on the outer edge of the containers work great for organizing crap on top of the fridge, they fit right between where the “body” of the fridge ends and the door begins, so that it can’t slide off and fall on the floor and cause me to have a nervous breakdown.

They have handles. If you’re having a party and need immediate access to all six of your containers of mayonnaise, you can grab them all at once with the handle. Mayonnaise can be slippery so this is a great feature.

I don’t like the soda holder.

Just buy it. You won’t even know they’re there since they’re clear.

The mere existence of a secondary egg organizer angers me. They come from the store in their own organizer and already organized.

Some like myself can buy them from a local farm and usually they ask us to bring our own cartons so problem solved here.

I think the idea is that it’s a stronger container so you can actually stack stuff on top of it.

I love this comment thread so goddamned much!

I stack stuff on top of egg cartons from the store… Because “I also like to live dangerously!”

The hens in my back yard have never provided such a container. Do tell?

three eggs in a triangle can withhold over 25# of pressure… why are people worried about breaking eggs? I always put eggs on the bottom of the grocery bag because they’re flat, can hold an obscene amount of weight, and the carton is the exact width of a paper bag. I shop at costco and the eggs come stacked in a PALLET of eggs (with no sponging or padding between cartons) that are shoulder high from pallet to peak… that’s WAY more weight than will ever be in my entire fridge lol.

This is a bad take. I solve for egg purchase by buying the best egg, not the best egg package, and often the package doesn’t work for me in my fridge.


i bag my groceries with eggs at the bottom too! i often have to ask the cashier to give me them because they try to hold them aside for last. on the bottom they stay flat and don’t risk being jostled out of their package. i also put things on top of the container in the fridge if we’re short on room without issue.

to the other commenters - in addition to those that get eggs directly from the hen/farm, a clear egg holder makes it easy to see how many eggs you have at a glance. i buy eggs in cardboard containers as opposed to the plastic ones so that might be useful. unfortunately the soda holder is a dealbreaker for me because of the 10 can capacity - the fridge packs i buy contain 12, plus one or two from the week before leftover. will keep looking for something to replace having the cardboard boxes in the fridge each week.

I wanted to get one of these but I cant get free shipping through my Amazon prime account. What am I doing wrong?

Cans come in cases of twelve. Why does the can organizer hold only 10 cans?!?