Sorbus Hammock Chair Macrame Swing

Well. So ThunderThighs posted that Woot had the wrong pic the entire day and the umbrella chair was never available. This hammock chair description states that the original item sold out. I’m really losing faith in Woot.

We had to sell it out to end the sale so that the incorrect sale wouldn’t continue.

We then launched the sale with the correct images and info.

Human error.

Sounds like a lot of double-talk. Did you actually have the chair umbrella combo to sell?? If not, how could you sell it out??

Mistakes happen - let’s move on. Anyone know if this is sturdy enough for a person over 200 Lbs?

says 265 lbs in description…

wonder how much it can hold a year after being outside…?

If we didn’t sell it out, people could still buy the wrong thing and that’s no good.