Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair Swing Seat

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Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair Swing Seat
Price: $24.99
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Two different colors are shown in the pictures. Which one is being sold?

Amazon has the green/purple one for $29.99 shipped:

Not a good one, you will either throw it away or return it.

Would you mind expanding on your comment, please? You can’t just drop a critical comment like that, and not tell us why we’ll want to toss it in the bin or return it. I’ve been thinking quite seriously about getting one of these.

+1 to this as they get 4.4-4.6 stars over at the mothership.

I’m saddened to see there is no foot rest portion of it. Is this correct? What kind of sex…uh hanging rope hammock chair swing seat is this?

Not impressed, bought one a few weeks back. Seems pretty sturdy, but I can’t get it to sit as shown in picture. Looks frumpy and unappealing when not in use. Took it down and packed it away for the next garage sale.

I got one last sale for my 11 year old daughter. There is no mounting hardware included (they probably don’t want the liability) so here’s what I did after studying the hardware aisle at Lowe’s for 5 minutes:

A screw hook to a quick link to a 12" length of white chain to a snap link. Locate a stud and pilot drill a hole for the screw hook, slip on the quick link and chain. The snap link then attaches to the swing. It works great and she loves it.

Also, this came up last time and the pillows ARE included.

How wide is the spreader bar? This makes a HUGE difference in how comfortable these are for adults. If it’s too narrow your arms are more or less jammed next to your sides which can feel claustrophobic to some. It seems narrow from the pics and reviews on Amazon complaining of it feeling too snug. A wider spreader bar forces the sides out wider and reduces the cocoon effect. It’s an issue of personal preference but most people prefer a wide spreader bar. Keep in mind, that a narrow spreader bar for an adult may be perfectly fine for a kid. This looks like it’s sized to be comfortable for small adults and kids rather than a 185 lb man.

Edit: I see now in the specs that the spreader bar is 31.5" long. As a comparison, this one on Amazon - - has a spreader bar that is 45" long.

Got one the last time. It works great. No, it doesn’t look perfect like the picture. Fast food doesn’t look like pictures either, but it gets the job done and tastes just fine.