Sorbus Shoe Rack Organizer- 4 or 8 Shelf

Sorbus Shoe Rack Organizer- 4 or 8 Shelf

4 Shelf: Consists of 2 racks of 4 shelves

Is a “rack” one module? Or the entire piece? It looks like one module is 2 shelves that is stacked on another to make 4 shelves. Shouldn’t the description say “2 racks of 2 shelves” to get a 4 shelf shoe rack? Or are we getting 2 of the 4 shelf rack with this deal, so 8 shelves in total as 2 separate 4 shelf items?

Ok let me try to make it easier. You get two or four racks. Each rack has two shoe shelves. So two racks equals four shoe shelves. Four racks equals eight shoe shelves.

Or this…

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So the description should read: “2 racks of 2 shelves” and “4 racks of 2 shelves”, correct?

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