Sorbus Storage Organizer Set (Lids), 3 Pack

Sorbus Storage Organizer Set (Lids), 3 Pack

Good price!
price at manufacturer’s page

Is there a way to search on Woot to see if you have any of these Sorbus Storage Organizers in different sets (like all large, or all medium, etc.)??

We’re working on that search function! (…actually we’re pretty infamous for not having a search bar. We try to curate the whole “Wander Down the Aisles of Store and see What’s Cookin” type of thing.)

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“hardly” nobody has time for that! I can’t find something quick, I end up giving up and not buying. I vote for a search function!!! It will bring more sales and allow me to then say “but you didn’t buy enough for us to buy!” :wink: