Sorority of the Weird

Looks kinda familiar. Kinda reminds me of the Andy Warhol Beatles pieces I think…

Well, the title is appropriate…

Eek! I think I almost saw a nipple…

Ok…gross…IMO…(but cool, for those with a taste for this kind of design…) Definitely weird. o.o

Metal as hell. Purchased!

Ewww ugly

Sorority huh? I’d hate to see the parties.

Looks like it should be on a garage metal album

This is very well drawn, but extremely creepy o_O


Whoa, now that’s a wicked design. Literally.

This is a great piece for its style. Sadly, that style is rarely mine.

I’m feeling we might be looking at a mighty slow-selling week this week

Looks like a chick shirt.

(looks at the title)

Yeah, it is.

It looks like Charlie’s Angels “snaked” up on us. I know their centipedes.

Reminds me of the book cover of “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert A Heinlein.

I’ve gotten the bug-willies just from looking at the shirt. Would never be able to wear it.

eta: And the central figure resembles Marilyn Manson. Would never want to wear it.

What an ugly shirt

first shirt woot instabuy in a very very long time.

I think it’s the eyes that make this creepy for me. Interesting design.