Sorrento Mountain Bike 27.5'' Wheels

What do each of the different frame size bikes weigh?

Was looking for feedback on this bike. The price on amazon for this bike is $480!Interested in casual dirt and city road riding for my 6’2" husband. Thanks.

Does this bike ship assembled? Or does it need to be assembled after receiving shipment?

I’ve recently bought other Diamondback bikes off Woot, and the require basic assembly; handlebars, seat, front wheel, front brake caliper. Typical box a dealer would get.

I would highly recommend going to a bike shop and getting “fitted” for a bike ( they can do it in like 5 mins) then you can decide on online purchases. It makes all the difference in the world for body stress, fatigue, etc.

Yep…/.there’s an idea. Go into the shop that is paying 3,000 per month to have an employee making 15.00/hr use the inventory that they are paying interest on to fit you for a product that you will then buy on line. After that you can go to church and help yourself to their collection basket after it’s passed around.

I am 6’3" 250. Can someone tell me if this bike (X-large) would suit someone my size?

Assuming a competent build, this bike would work on trails. For city riding the tires are very aggressive and will have a lot of rolling resistance, so he will go slower than he would riding a different tire.

It needs partial assembly and adjustment. If you are not confident doing that, then you should factor in the cost of having a shop build the bike for you when you compare prices.

I would recommend against this. That is basically stealing a service from the shop. Unless you plan on buying the bike from them or having them build the bike for you after you buy it, you should not do that.

Getting fitted to a bike is not a short process, it will take over an house to get it done properly. You also should already have the bike as the bike will need to be adjusted to get the fit just right.

I would suggest looking at what a local bike shop offers. The prices may be more comparable to the Amazon price, but the service and initial fitting is well worth it. These components aren’t great, and a local shop will assemble the bike for you as well.

Found this site for an idea of size:

I bought one of these from Sports Authority - it has been a good bike for me. The fat tires offer a decent ride on our crappy city streets. Smooth shifting, and seems pretty sturdy. Keep in mind the assembly may cost a hundred bucks or more at a LBS (Local Bike Shop)…

I’m 6’2 and 220 - the XL fits me.

Thanks for the input!

I’m 5’9" on a good day. They are out of medium frame sizes. Would I be doing myself a real disservice getting the next size up that says 5’ 10" to 6’ 1"? Never been a big cyclist, but the knees are giving out so…

For those morally opposed to getting fitted at a shop:

EDIT: Looks like @SBPooker already posted nearly the same thing!

So if I am 5’11" would i buy a extra large?

This is a real scum-bag move. I’m surprised you don’t see the problem with this. Don’t steal steal services from a B&M. If you want to save money by purchasing online, then do research and make your purchase based on that research- dont waste a small business’s time and resources if you dont plan on buying from them.