Sostener Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir (6)

Sostener Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir 6-Pack
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2013 Sostener Pinot Noir, Santa Lucia Highlands

base price consistent with other sites $20 per plus shipping probably a good deal in for 18

I was really enjoying the WINEWOOT VINO GLOSSARY in the write-up until I got to “toilet wine”.

Eww, just eww.

From the Wine Enthusiast:

Sostener 2013 Pinot Noir (Santa Lucia Highlands)


Simple but classy aromas of red currant and raspberries show on the nose of this bottling from an all-star team of the appellation. The palate is light and easy, with tart cranberry and a large boost of tannic grip, a surprise for how light it feels.


Not really a great rating…

Take the points away(personally don’t like them anyway)and read the text. Sounds pretty good. At this money sounds like you could throw a grilled chop at it all day long.

And 86 used to mean dang good wine, but now, actually still does but… oh wait, that’s a whole nother thread…


A bottle of this arrived last week so it immediately went into the 62 degree cellar in an upright position. I wanted it to slowly cool and if there was any sediment to let it settle. PnP last night into a nice Reidel pinot glass and found the color to be a very light cranberry. No signs of any sediment. Sniffy sniffy test yielded only faint berry or cherry. No big aromas coming out of the glass. Initial flavors were nicely bright with a primary taste of light strawberry and finish of cherry licorice. No acid swallow, but a little tartness like pomegranate. The finish lingered for 30-45 seconds. Over the next hour the flavors remained pretty much unchanged. By the two hour mark the flavors had gone flat and all that was left was an unsweetened cola flavor. Seeing the price today, I think that this is a good value. Don’t expect to get $50 pinot for $12. I would pnp and drink it up in an hour. It should pair well with many foods that typically go with pinot.

I was very excited to get an email last week saying a package would be arriving soon. My bottle arrived last Thursday.

We tasted on Sunday night, Father’s Day dinner consisted of teriyaki beef tenderloin, green beans with onion and bacon, asparagus, salad, sauted mushrooms and garlic mashed potatoes. Dessert was cherry pie and cherry bars.

Tasters: Myself, mom, dad, brother and sister in law.

We normally are not Pinot drinkers, but really like Gazzi and Engracia so we were excited to try this.

First we did a pop and pour

Color: Very light, almost a hint of claret. We all thought it reminded us of Black Cherry kool aid or jello.

Aroma: we all had different glasses, but found it very strange that there was not a hint of anything. We all tried each glass and still could not smell anything.

Taste: Very tannic and lots of heat, slight Black Cherry, mom tasted black licorish. Nothing really stood out. Very short finish. Nice legs.

Next glass we poured through a Venturi:

Aroma: We could pick up on cherry and maybe cranberry.

Taste: What a difference! We all thought the tannins mellowed a bunch! It now had a much softer mouth feel. I thought it tasted like cherry craisins. The others got more black cherry taste. Still very short finish.

Last we tried with dinner/dessert:

The wine did not hold up well with the dinner we had. With dessert…not a good paring at all.

Overall impressions:

We all agreed this wine needs to decant before you drink it. This is a very light, one dimensional wine.

I wanted to like this, especially after listening to the vintners voice mail… but, this was not the wine for us.

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