SOTMC 3 Month Subscription

As first sucker on the 12-month subscription, it was a bit “scary” to order shirts before seeing them – but I do not regret doing so at all. I’m in for another concurrent subscription.

Between the extra item (journal, apron, tote, mug, etc.) from the same artist, a sticker of one of their designs, a little bio card, and a coupon for other stuff on shirt.woot, it’s all been well worth it.

However, I will also say that if you’re not a fan of the genres that are typical to shirt.woot, then these mystery boxes may not be to your liking. As usual, YMMV.

If we already have a subscription, will this one begin when the previous one ends or will we get double gifts for any overlapping months? Thanks!

I had a concurrent subscription before (12 & 3). You’ll get doubles.

Thanks for the quick response!