Sauron is so cute!

Damn the Fellowship for destroying this beautiful relationship!

What do you want to bet Saurons pet name for him is “Precious”

And one ring to join them in holy matrimony.

Sorry, rings don’t have faces. The One Ring to Rule Them All is no exception.

Somewhere in Middle Earth, a Palantir is skipping alongside the keys of Orthanc.

The “Woot Creator” description thing makes me think of this xkcd comic – xkcd: Single Ladies

Grats on the win, Patrick.

That is pretty funny. I don’t like any thing related to marriage though, so I’m not buying it.

And patrickspens further secures his title as the greatest Woot artist.

I’m wearing my Shirt Title Pending tee right now.

$10 coupon im so tempted

Also, I should like to point out that if one walks upon the Crack of Doom, one may break one’s mother’s Back of Doom. Fair warning.

ha! I think this qualifies as black humor ; )

One shirt to rule them all!

Is that a flaming eyeball holding hands with a ring? I don’t get it.

We call this color: There And Black Again


The One Ring had a real goth thing for a while it seems. First this “Dark” Lord character. Then it was that scrawny, pale emo guy Gollum always whining after his ‘precious.’

Awesome Shirt! LOTR is AMAZING!

A tragic tale of lovers brought down together in the end.

Grats on the win, this is the one I wanted from this derby.