Sound Activated Snowman Speaker



Will this work with my Zune?

A snowman.


These might have been better before December 25th!!! hahaha

wouldn’t this be better suited to be an item in a BOC?

Why would I want this?

Bring back the green laser pointers woot!

Oh cool hes a speaker, now i dont have to stand in front of the class on Thursday to give my speech.

this is as bad as the frog keyboard and speakers

wow! What the f is this? Someone buy 30 of these so we can get the basket of cheeseburgers!

yes! just what i needed!

Buwhahaha. Wootstaff is having a good time… I dont blame them.

just what… I’ve Never wanted

LOL! Really?

Got this in my Santa’s sack o’crap and it’s really awesome!!

Okay, that’s enough quality post for one night… now on to the newbie bashing :slight_smile:


or frozen.

Ok! Now this is just CraP without the bag

Think woot web jockey’s could engineer a button that disables itself onclick.