Sound & Charge Speaker Valet with Onboard Charging

this is classic woot. i wonder if the guy asking about the woot code words can translate this yet.

um. sooo… where are the cat pictures?

If the products are sub-par the funny pictures should be in full gear.

I think you are right

nopes me no need it

Couldn’t have come at a broker time…

old woman pointing her finger at you? That doesn’t rhyme!

You need to work on your lying skills

there is a secret to translation.

I just popped my woot cherry. Man that felt good.

so this won’t work for the iphone>?

thats why i did a copy paste not a direct reply… :slight_smile: is selling this for $31 (with free shipping). Normally sells for $129.99.

you need to work on your wooting skills Mr. No Woots! here ill help you out, buy 3 of these

uJealous uJealous uJealous uJealous uJealous uJealous uJealous uJealous

Just slap yourself. You know you need to.


I agree about the thread. But yeah, no plans to license the platform, just an apps-only company now. If the price is good I’d buy a G2 here – I like the original Slacker enough, but the design was a little large and the buttons were a little uncomfortable and wonky. Anyway, see here and here for writeups.

Its true i do. :frowning:

I wish I had seen this before I bought that glowy orb speaker from last night.