Sound Pockets iPhone/iPod Freedom Cases

Who uses the stock apple ear buds?

It looks like you can get a CC and some cashola and maybe a key in there so when your out cycling/running you have a storage spot. I would opt out of having the ear buds in there as I don’t use them either.

Why is it so many vendors don’t make a case for the 5C? I would love to try this case out if they had one for the 5C.


Me too. I find they are comfortable compared to non apple ones.

Raises hand. Especially the new ones that fit right into your ear. The round ones used to always fall out.

So, they ONLY carry apple earbuds?

I wish there was a site, that sold awesome earbuds, for a great price…

If I remember the name of that site, I’ll let you know :wink: