Sound+Sleep Mini Sleep Therapy System

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Sound+Sleep Mini Sleep Therapy System
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Does this generate Brown Noise or the Brown Note?

You really want a Bed of Crap, don’t you!?

I have been using the bigger version of this for a few years and have been very happy with it. I let it run all night and sleep a lot better as a result.

The only thing negative I can say is that the adaptive feature feels more like a gimmick than actually useful. When my wife would cough or sneeze it would spike the volume quite a bit which would wake me up even more than without it.

Can it be left on continuously?

My wife likes it loud, do these have pretty good volume to them?

Amazon reviews show a 10% 1 star review. Most of them are machine failures. Can anyone tell me why we can not simply google sound we want and play them from site or record and loop?

I am trying “HARD” not to touch that.

I would recommend using brown noise to sleep over white noise. It’s lower ranges resonates more with what the average person hears.

Having said that… I’ve been using a phone app for several years, is there something about this that would be better?

I considered buying the larger version, but it had an almost guaranteed problem with regular use. It has a SD card with all of the sound data on it. The unit was not reading the sound data just once when you set it to a certain sound, then using it from memory. It was reading the media card continuously. If you use it a lot, eventually the sound files degrade and fail. The company send you another SD card, and then you wear that one out, etc. It was a systemic problem, unless you don’t use the unit regularly.

I don’t know whether this unit has the same problem.

I’ve been using a similar model from the same company: Adaptive Sound Technologies on Amazon for several years and have been very happy with it. It has a nice range of volume - it can get very loud if it is on adaptive setting. I don’t find that setting helpful.

Most of these machines don’t make up the sound as they go - they have a short loop of sound that they play over and over again. If those loops aren’t done extremely well you eventually start noticing when the looping happens and good luck trying to get that out of your mind!! These loops are very well done - I have only noticed the loop on one of the sound effects (babbling brook). The rest seem continuous with no breaks.

I find this machine easier to adjust in the middle of the night than fiddling with my phone. Fiddling with my phone at night brings me entirely awake. Touching a button on this machine requires almost no thought and I fall back to sleep quickly after doing so.

Am I the only one who thought it was a photo of a six port USB Hub at first glance?

(Starting to think I have been spending too much time on the computer).
Time for a lunch break!

  1. Download one of the thousands of phone apps for noise
  2. Buy cheap-ish speaker if you don’t already have one
  3. Go to sleep

$50 seems steep for something you can recreate nearly for free.

Per the vendor: Yes, it can be left on continually (default) or you can set the timer to go off in 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

Mine has been on for 7 years.

No quality posts after 10+ years of service to Woot!
I hearby grant you an honorary “QUALITY POST” suitable for framing but I wouldn’t.
It’s been a HARD days night,I should be sleeping like a log.
Funny, I like it when my wife is loud!

I made a copy of the files on my PC when and if the chip wears out I will just write a new one or format the old one and try to reuse it.