Sound+Sleep Mini Sleep Therapy System

I bought this from the company last time woot listed it. The price was the same at the time and the company had black. They also had a generous return policy. When I told Woot, they lowered the price by $10. It was already ordered and the company was helpful so I just let it be.

Without question, this product has changed my life. I’ve had sleep issues for decades and even talking sleep aids was barely a help. I had to sleep with the television on which came with a different set of issues.

I tried this and with the first night, I don’t remember falling asleep and woke up in the same position I closed my eyes. There are many choices for sounds and each one come with 3 levels of details. For example, Rain level 1 is just rain. Very realistic. Level 2 adds wind and level 3 adds thunder. All have depth of sound. Ocean level 1 is just waves crashing. Level 2 & 3 add gulls and buoys other ocean sounds.

This is a well made item that does everything it claims to and does it really well. I had an issue and the company answered my message within and hour and one 5 minute phone call resolved it better than I ever imagined. I am so thankful that Woot listed this and glad I bought it.

It’s a great product, from a great company at a great price.