SoundBar DVD Hotel Theater with 1080 Upconversion

Hotel Theater?

That just doesn’t scream quality to me.

fix your servers woot i wanted that shirt not some piece soundbar

what the hell is this thing?

Do people still buy DVD players? Blu-ray only from here out.

It could always be worse. It could be a Motel Theater.

I bought this for my parents from Woot a while back. It doesn’t turn on and has to be reset all the time. I hate it when I buy stuff for my parents that’s high maintenance because I am the one that has to maintain it.

for the love of god… each woot off is getting worse and worse

User Manual


Faroudja DCDi for incredibly sharp high quality video ----> makes this worth it IMO.

Somebody get this Hotel Theater the hell away from me.

It looks like the shirt sale is still going on over on shirt.woot: Shirt.Woot: Top 20

Wow! Look at all those features!!!

Still waiting for something useful woot!

This is a great bargain. It even includes an AM antenna!

Not sure where the “Hotel Theater” name came from, this was called the SB1000 when I bought it for $399.

It’s a good solution for those with a wall mounted LCD that don’t want a lot of cables dangling around or have the room for a full surround sound. The sound quality is good (not excellent, but much better than a cheap HTIB setup) and music playback is excellent. The iPod dock menu is pretty good, if a little slow at navigating. I usually use a thumb drive loaded with mp3s in the USB port, it works nicely.

This will be GREAT for those wanting to upgrade their 3 room hotels.

On my last vacation… I can’t remember the location I went to… I can’t remember if I took a car, plane, or train… I can’t remember if I went golfing or skiing… but the sound system in the hotel room rocked…

…as if…

I tried to order an FN shirt 3 times… It didn’t let me. . . Good doing business with you…

How large is the screen?