Soundbar Speaker with Wireless Subwoofer



Finally, something I need/want.


Amazon reviews: 3.5/5 stars 34 customer reviews.

B&H reviews: 3.5/5 stars 6 customer reviews


I have this Sound Bar and Sub Woofer, and I am always blown away by the sound. We were watching a movie the other night, and the sound was so clear and amazing during a particular action scene, everyone in the room just looked at each other. I tried a lot of sound bars, and this one produces big sound, for a great price! I believe I paid over $200 for mine about a year ago. My only regret is that I don’t have a place for another one for now!


I Hear that this sub doesn’t quite Beat like a wired one…


I bought one of these refurbs from Boston Accoutics for $199 about 6 months ago. I use it with a 37" flat screen in my bedroom and it sounds very good.


CNET gives it 3 out of 5 stars.



Does this come with the hardware to mount it to the bottom of the TV or can someone suggest where I may find the hardware to do that?

I thought most soundbars came with that, but I don’t see the description mention anything about it.


Another good review site. I am still wagering if I want to buy.


Just a warning, not sure if this model will do the same, but I have had two customers have their wireless subwoofer systems interfere with their Wifi and PS3…


According to the manual this one has four different channels you can choose from so this problem is less likely to occur.


one of the reviews mentioned its set up for either tabletop or wall mount, but the reviews about the subwoofer getting hot enough to burn you and operating on the same frequency as my router kind of turned me off.


I have had mine for over 6 months and can say the sound quality is great for a sound bar. I have this model and the next step up.

I was not disappointed. Even after paying alot more at the big box store.

I would recommend for bedrooms or gamerooms.


I have one of the subs next to a router and modem will playing MW3 online, no problems yet.

As far as the heating issue, haven’t had that one either even after playing pandora for hours.


The sound bar comes with two 3 inch wide rub “feet” that are hidden when placed on the table. They are removable to mount the bar on the wall. The bar has two holes for the screws to slide in. The manufacture supplies you with a pattern to use to set the mounting holes on the wall.


I’ve read review after review of this thing and every single one says the sound it mutty and there are almost no high-range reproduction.

AVSForums, CNET, Amazon, just check it. Sure, 90% of the reviews are good, but 90% of people are just looking for an improvement over their internal TV speakers which isn’t hard to do (even my $1500 Samsung D6600 has pathetic sound that reproduces voices terribly.)

My advice to everyone is get what AVSForum audiophiles recommend, the Polk 4000 Sound Bar. It’s $300, but more than twice what this one is, and has a 5-year warranty you probably wont need, unlike the Boston that has many people returning their sub woofers every 3 months.


Thanks for the c net review posting. I had no idea it would be that bulky and with no remote. PASS.


Wish this had come before the sound bar deal at Walmart last week.


The soundbar does not need a remote, it is easily programmable to respond to whatever remote you are currently using for the TV, set-top box, etc.


Thats actually a nice feature than needing a seperate little remote.


Thanks for the post, you made me stick to my got and stay with Quality!